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HackNITR, one of the largest hackathons in India's eastern region, is a kind of hackathon that endeavours to bring and integrate talent, innovation, and creativity under one roof to build solutions for real-world problems using the latest technologies. It is organized by a bunch of tech enthusiasts from Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) NIT Rourkela in collaboration with OpenCode, Opensource community, registered under the technical society of Student Activity Centre (SAC), NIT Rourkela alongside various communities like Hack Club NITR, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador and Github Campus Experts.

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The previous two editions of the hackathon saw an excellent response with more than 1200 registrations and 80 project submissions. And therefore, this year, we are back with the third edition of HackNITR, providing an excellent platform for developers worldwide to showcase their ideas and skills in development. The 'Stat-God' has always favoured us by bringing in huge crowds of enthusiastic people and helping us organise an awesome hackathon experience for every attendee.

Several workshops and mini-events were held for all the participants throughout the hackathon, which featured prominent and renowned industry leaders and YouTubers worldwide. Personalities like Gaurav Sen, founder of Interview Ready and ex SDE at Uber, Directi, and Morgan Stanley; Sanket Singh, SDE at Google and LinkedIn; and Michael Paulson, Sr. SWE at Netflix shared a deep insight on both technical and professional aspects of the development. The sessions had an active and knowledgeable audience of more than 200 people.

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